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Who is teamONE

We are a mosaic of people from a wide range of backgrounds, including: College Students, NFL athletes, Business Professionals, School Teachers, and Stay-at-Home Moms. As Amway business owners we represent high quality products that help people live healthy, look great and be kind to the planet.

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Our Core Values

Freedom, Family, Hope and Reward. We know you are the only person who can pay you what you are worth. For years businesses have placed a high priority on exploiting you. On our team we place the highest priority on your strengths, and provide you an opportunity to do your work on your terms.

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What We Do

We begin with people. We understand that people, when given a choice would rather start their own company and take control of their income. We offer people the training and mentorship to grow a successful web-based business.

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Our events are designed to help you recognize and use your strengths. This is the stuff that most people wish they were taught in school. It doesn't matter whether you're building a business or climbing the corporate ladder, our events will teach you leadership skills, entrepreneur genius, emotional intelligence, and how to achieve your goals.

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