The Lost Art of Reading

I’m sure you’ve experienced it before: while attempting to read a book or article, your phone pings, alerting us to the arrival of a new text, email, Tweet, or status update. And try as we might to forget that it happened and continue reading, we simply… Read More »

Where Are You Headed?

It was a very short time ago, the ball dropped in Time Square. One year later, that ball will drop again. Where do you want to be? What will have changed from where you are right now? If you think back to one year earlier,… Read More »

Who’s Influencing You?

I’m unique, no one influences me.  At least that’s what I thought. Burnouts, crispies, jocks, athletes, meat-heads, ballers, A-crowd, the “It” crowd, goths, brainiacs, nerds, geeks, and the list goes on.  Labels like these all carry an image in our mind’s eye; some positive, others… Read More »