The Lost Art of Reading

I’m sure you’ve experienced it before: while attempting to read a book or article, your phone pings, alerting us to the arrival of a new text, email, Tweet, or status update. And try as we might to forget that it happened and continue reading, we simply cannot ignore the itching anxiety we feel at not knowing immediately what it says. We stop reading, put down the book, and check our phones, immersing ourselves in a technologically driven world that so easily distracts us.

Debates rage over why. Regardless of the excuses made, the simple truth is there are so many benefits to reading. And yes, there is an art to reading – a multifaceted art. Reading for pleasure, for information, for personal growth. The intangibles may even be a far greater reason to read and to learn to read well. A recent article I read indicted the most prolific readers among women read 9 books last year; men 5, and that rate is still trending down. A topic for another time.

Reading has been described as sharing the mind and thoughts of the author over an extended time. It improves our thinking. It improves our ability to focus; to think more fully and clearly. Reading exposes us to new thoughts and points of view. Reading challenges our mind while improving our verbal and writing skills along the way. Overall communication skills improve. And then there is the simple benefit of just learning something new or enjoying a story told in a new and interesting way.

Is reading a lost art? For the rest of the conventional world it may be heading that way, but not here at TeamONE. At TeamONE we know well, and prove daily, that readers become leaders and leaders are readers. Have your TeamONE friend lend you something. You’ll see first-hand the “how” of our “why” – to #dolifebetter

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