Where Are You Headed?

It was a very short time ago, the ball dropped in Time Square. One year later, that ball will drop again. Where do you want to be? What will have changed from where you are right now? If you think back to one year earlier, are you where you thought you would be just one year later? If you continue on in the same routine you’re living now, where will it lead you?

There was a time when I spent more time planning my next fun trip away from my routine life than I did planning the my next 5 years, or even the next year. I wasn’t alone, there are a lot of people that still don’t plan their life for more than a weekend at a time. Something like the exchange between Alice and the Cheshire Cat, or the Yogi Berra saying… “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else”

“What would you go after if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

Write down all the things you would do if your income increased with a jump of 10%. What would that list look like if the jump were 20%? How long is your list of things you would do or see or have?

Here’s the rub… We most often ask the toddlers in our lives, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Later when we graduate High School, College, etc. we hear “What do you want to do?” Then, many years later we ask ourself “What do I want to have, or see, or experience?” By that point, what I do may have defined how much time and money are available to me. Is that amount of time and money enough for the things I want to have or see or do? What if the answer is no? Did I fail? Or did I fail to plan?

The answer is fairly simple. Decide on what you want. Determine what the price is (in time, money, effort). Pay the price.

There are so many different ways to determine what your goals, dreams, or improvements are. Getting them out of your head and verbalizing them may be easy or may take some think time. It will be worth it though. Try writing a list of things you would like to do or see or have. First try writing down a list of 10. Expand it to 20, then 30, and this is where some people start to slow down. Other people get to 40 or 50 before they slow. How close to 100 can you get?

Through this exercise, often you’ll find something that jumps out at you. Will it be what some call “a burning desire”? Maybe not, but what if it could be? Just keep in mind, every fire starts with an ember that gets fanned. If you’re not sure you’ve found yours, pick one and fan it.

That’s where the magic happens. Most often once you have a chosen target, someplace you want to go, the person that can teach you how to get there – shows up. If you got something out of this post, get back with the person that shared this site with you. Talk about it.

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